First Night Saranac Lake 2017 Button Designed By Karl Law
saranac lake new years eve adirondacks mountains

Concept, Design, Paint-by-Number Sketch and Detail Painting by KARL LAW

The 2017 First Night Saranac Lake admission button will be based on, "WILD THINGS," conceived and designed in 2011 by Karl Law in conjunction with The Reviewers Club of Saranac Lake. Founded in 1909, The Reviewers Club was formed to enrich the lives of women and their communities.

About Karl Law, The Artist
saranac lake new years eve adirondacks mountains

In 2011, Karl Law created a "paint-by-number" canvas so that the members of the club could have the fun of painting the banner themselves. Law lent guidance, and painted a little, himself, just to ensure the original lines were kept. He'd had some experience designing a paint-by-number, but on a much larger scale.

In 2000, while a student at Saranac Lake High School, Law worked with instructors, John "Doc" Ward and Jennifer Moore, to map out a mural depicting the history of Saranac Lake on the concrete underside of the Lapan Highway Bridge. During finals week all manner of students from 1st through 12th grade, with a wide range of artistic abilities, stopped by and tried their hand at painting the mural.

After graduating from SLHS in 2001, Law first studied Art at SUNY Plattsburgh and then studied Taxidermy at the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy. He works for the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision and lives in Vermontville with his wife, Rebecca, and their three beagles, Tessa, Ruby and Dozer. Rebecca also helped paint the banner.

About The Painters, The Reviewers Club Of Saranac Lake
saranac lake new years eve adirondacks mountains

Founded in 1909, The Reviewers Club was formed to enrich the lives of women and their communities. The Club's Statement reads, "When we learn about the world, we learn about ourselves. Any knowledge, any discovery, teaches us more about who we are. And then we can decide just how we can help, how we can serve, how we can be of value to the world".

Club members work toward this by meeting twice a month, in fall and spring, and reporting to one another on subjects within their annual topic. Particulars about presentations, office holders, members, and meeting minutes have been compiled into Yearbooks, all of which are catalogued in the Adirondack Room of the Saranac Lake Free Library.

September 2016 starts a new year for The Reviewers Club, their 107th. Members are gearing up to learn all they can about "American Music and Musicians".

In the fall of 2011, club members rested their enquiring minds and generously gave some of their meeting time to follow Karl Law's clever paint-by-number design and create this "WILD THINGS" banner - which is the basis for this year's soon-to-be-released First Night Saranac Lake admission button.

2011 Reviewers Club members included Susan Arnold, Pam Bickle, Janet Dudones, Anna Ferree, Christy Fontana, Mary Hotaling, Patricia Inslerman, Bobbi Karp, Mary Mercurio, Susan Miller, Suzanne Milliron, Debbie Neill, Betsy Pond and Jean Poole

First Night Festive Banners

FUNDING FIRST NIGHT: Admission button sales provide about half the funds needed to produce First Night. Support from sponsors, individuals, local businesses, and grants make up the rest. Your support makes it happen!

saranac lake new years eve adirondacks mountains
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