About the admission button and banner for First Night Saranac Lake 2019
saranac lake new years eve adirondacks mountains

The artwork for this year’s First Night celebrations is both inspired by a renowned work of art and a treasured piece in its own right. Created by one or more talented residents at Saranac Village at Will Rogers in 2010, the banner is based on French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s renowned painting, Dance at Bougival, which the artist created in 1883, some one hundred and thirty-five years ago.

In paying homage, the local artist has captured the celebratory nature of Renoir’s original while adding a little extra in the spirit of New Year’s Eve celebrations: exchanging what may be beer glasses in the original for champagne, highlighting the bright, festive drinks through the use of sparkling gold paint and adding splashes of glitter, as well as brighter colors, to the woman’s dress. The couple has been transported from Renoir’s outdoor, daytime party to a starry night. New Year’s Eve in Saranac Lake, perhaps?

Considering the history of the Will Rogers building, it seems quite fitting that this delightful piece of art was created by one of its residents: the building opened in 1929 as the National Vaudeville Artists Home as a sanatorium for vaudeville entertainers suffering from tuberculosis. As tastes in entertainment changed and vaudeville declined, the hospital was opened up to theatre workers of all kinds, from musicians to set designers to ticket takers. The residents enjoyed creating their own entertainment, both for their fellow patients and other lucky villagers. Today, Saranac Village at Will Rogers is still home to artists, as evidenced by the First Night banner; they just happen to be a little bit older.

Charmingly, the Will Rogers artist has exchanged the young couple in Renoir’s original for an older couple, complete with gray hair and glasses, reminding us all that you can dance and have fun at any age.

First Night Festive Banners

FUNDING FIRST NIGHT: Admission button sales provide about half the funds needed to produce First Night. Support from sponsors, individuals, local businesses, and grants make up the rest. Your support makes it happen!

saranac lake new years eve adirondacks mountains
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