Welcome to Saranac Lake’s First Night

The board members of First Night Saranac Lake have come to the difficult decision to cancel the festival this New Year's Eve, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For 14 years until 2020, First Night has offered an opportunity for people to get together and celebrate the new year with numerous live music, comedy and children's performers and fireworks in Saranac Lake. The event’s Board of Directors said it was painful to call off the festivities for the second year in a row, due to the pandemic. They plan to bring the event back as soon as possible.

The board noted that COVID-19 incidence remains high in northern New York, especially for unvaccinated people, and that last year saw nationwide spikes after Thanksgiving and Christmas. On top of not wanting to endanger anyone, organizers predicted that the pandemic circumstances would make it hard to find the number of volunteers needed to work the event.

First Night Saranac Lake is also recruiting new board members. Those interested are asked to contact board Chair Sue Patterson at trilliumdogs@gmail.com

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FUNDING FIRST NIGHT: Admission button sales provide about half the funds needed to produce First Night. Donations from sponsors, individuals, local businesses, and grants make up the rest. Your contribution makes it happen!

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